Panoramic view from the old lighthouse

panorama cap masoala
Spectacular view from the top of the old French lighthouse at the far south of the Masoala peninsula. On the lower left you can see the abandoned and wrecked houses of the lighthouse crew.
virtual starry sky from the lighthouse
Quicktime VR-panorama

Satellite images of the Masoala peninsula. The picture in the middle shows the marked clipping which provides a great view over the big coral reefs. The map on the right can be found at Masoala Village, the arrow indicates the position of the lighthouse.

© satellite images: Google Earth

The lighthouse is 30 m tall and still looks quite good from the outside.
Completely ruined crew house on the left. The picture on the right shows the rotten staircase inside the lighthouse. In the upper part even the steps are missing so that climbing on the banisters is required in order to reach the top of the lighthouse.

© pictures and QT-panorama: domani design, Matthias D. Frei

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